Beat your number, every quarter

Identify your best-fit targets, stand out from your competition, grow your procedure volumes, and become an indispensable resource for your physicians.

Sales Reps

Growing MedTech commercial teams love MedScout

Sales Reps


Find your ideal targets

Don’t waste time and resources chasing bad-fit prospects. Quickly surface new opportunities, prioritize your highest-value physicians, and build a strategy to hit your quota, every time.

Physician Insights

Win new business

You have precious little face time with doctors, so be ready to maximize each conversation. Understand your target’s procedure and patient mix to stand out as a credible expert.

  • Procedure mix
  • Affiliations
  • Open payments
Sales Reps
Sales Reps

Referral Networks

Expand within your existing accounts

Uncover which of your existing accounts have untapped growth potential. Help your physicians visualize their referral networks to understand where their patients are coming from.

  • Inbound & outbound referrals
  • Referral leakage
  • Market development targets

Market insights

Become a trusted resource for your physicians

Demonstrate your value by bringing market insights your physicians can’t get anywhere else. Harness data to help them understand patient, procedure, and competitor trends and spot opportunities to grow their business.

  • Recent market trends
  • Competitive insights
  • Referral networks
Sales Reps
Sales Reps
Customer testimonials

See why MedTech commercial teams love MedScout

We’re loving MedScout and the impact it’s had on our team’s effectiveness. We have a phenomenal, small team — and MedScout makes us so effective that we feel much larger. That’s a benefit that it’s hard to put a price on.

Adam Milligan

Vice President of Sales

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"Before MedScout, I used to drive around for hours to find new opportunities. Now, I can quickly pull up everything I need to know about the physician: Where they’re affiliated, how many cases they do, and where I can find them. It has helped me do what I do a lot better and more efficiently."

Evan D'Onofrio

Territory Sales Manager

New opportunities in pipeline
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"I started off just using Google to find urologists or radiologists near me. With MedScout, I can see the procedural volume for urologists and radiologists who are already using a robot for prostatectomies. That flexibility is really helpful for me."

Aahana Kanyal

Account Manager

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"As a rep, I used MedScout as part of my conversations with physicians. I’d sit down and show them MedScout live in the office. I’d create a custom territory on the map, and then we’d pull up the CPT codes for all of their Lumbar codes. I’d use the filters to drill down to different specialties, and they'd choose someone they knew. Then we’d pull up a profile and go down the referral path together. They always wanted access to it!"

Nick Scodary

Vice President of Sales

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"MedScout has been game-changing for me, and not just for targeting. The value that I’ve brought to my physicians has increased exponentially. I showed one of my surgeons the referral data in the platform, and he was just blown away. I think it’s an invaluable tool."

Steve Kassis

Area Director

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"MedScout makes it easy to find out the whole story about a doctor with just a couple clicks. I typically drill down into doctors’ profiles and look at what they are writing scripts for. Then I find what they’re writing specifically for DME scripts and drugs, and what are the correlations between the two? It’s also easy to tell if they’re using competitors. Having this background is huge."

Ryan Lapham

Territory Manager

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"Using [a competitor product] was generally overwhelming and confusing. I feel it was easy to get lost. I can definitely say that MedScout is much, much easier to use."

Territory Manager


New opportunities identified
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"MedScout’s referral data is validation that we know what we’re doing. When I go to my top physicians and tell them 'We have data that shows where you get your patients — and where you don’t get patients from,' they look at us like we’re from the future."

Mike Sours

Sr. Program Development Manager

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"The ability to stack-rank which offices to schedule appointments with based upon actual opportunity is priceless. I no longer waste time cold-calling random offices or scheduling appointments with a target physician, only to learn that they have never done an interventional procedure."

Territory Manager


New referring physicians
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