Empower your team and run a smarter, more effective sales cycle

We've built the revenue acceleration solution for life science companies. Stop making your sales and marketing teams rely on map, spreadsheet, and note apps.
Get informed. Get organized. Execute and grow with MedScout.

It’s time to move your team into a modern tool set. Imagine a platform that immediately gives your reps time back in their day and increases their close rate, all while providing sales leadership with better visibility into top-of-funnel activity and territory metrics. You have enough challenges to deal with these days. Enabling your reps and instrumenting your go-to-market shouldn’t be one of them.

The Old Way

There’s a better way than buying occasional procedural data dumps and asking reps to run pivot tables. Here’s why we think MedScout is the better solution for growing life science companies.

Screen showing medical databaseScreen showing medical database
Continually updating databases


Work with a partner that updates procedural data as soon as it’s released and continually integrates new information from inside and outside your organization.

Disconnected devices


Quit letting these files die on the rep’s desktop. Turn intelligence into actual sales pipelines, ensuring visibility into how the data drives results.

Thumbs down with app in the background

Hard to Use

Where is this in relation to my other accounts? What additional information could I use to help make the sale? Spreadsheets aren’t built to answer vital questions for reps.

Here's How It Works

Our platform is built on three pillars. We enable your team(s) to easily find the best-fit prospects (Identify), learn more about them (Qualify), and then organize your sales activities (Close).

Map pointer


Quickly gain a comprehensive understanding of the current opportunity in your territories and build focused, actionable pipelines

Digital mapPins showing location on map


We continually help you create and refine targeting criteria for your team(s). Let us help you move beyond simple billing-code based targeting.


The platform automatically highlights relevant physicians and medical centers that will help the reps grow their territories. No more limited licensing models and complicated tools that take months to learn.


Need to find other prospects or determine if there’s an opportunity to expand into new territories? Lightning-quick searches and a simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to run your queries and identify targets.

Continuously updated

We’ll consistently update your territories with both the latest procedural data and proprietary datasets to ensure you have the best possible pulse on the market.

Highly qualified physician with clipboard
Badge with start and ribbon


Build your sales strategy using detailed insights about the Physician or Medical Center and prioritize effort where it matters


Quit making your reps google practices and physicians. Empower them to quickly discover information about a physician or medical center that confirms they’re a valuable target.


Firmographic information, affiliation, patient demographics, multiple years of procedure volume, referral patterns, prescription, payment data, and more are all easily accessible.

Easy to navigate

Effortlessly move between detailed dossiers on Physicians, Hospitals, and Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Save time (and $$$)

Send reps into the first conversation more informed. Quit wasting months (and dinners) to understand if a Physician is actually a good prospect.

Illustration of a handshake


Align your team for execution, efficiently manage your sales pipelines, and make sure you’re on track to hit your number

Tablet and mobile app


Prioritized Prospect Lists and campaigns that directly align with your sales and marketing priorities help new reps onboard faster and enable existing reps to drive execution in the areas that will move the needle.

Designed for life science

We’ve worked with 100’s of reps to develop a platform that will help them be more effective and give them hours back in their day.

Incredibly mobile

Use our mobile app to help you optimize your driving routes, access prospect information on the road, quickly run pipeline reviews, and more.

Organized and integrated

Update prospect notes, sales cycle stage, and more in a few easy clicks, and yes, we can integrate with your CRM.

Who is it for

Made for high-growth sales and marketing organizations at life science companies

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Sales Professionals

MedScout can help you prospect within your territory more effectively and increase your close rate, all while saving you time and effort.

Sales Management

There’s an easier way to tackle territory planning, new rep onboarding, rolling out sales campaigns, and pipeline review + coaching.


MedScout can help you bridge the gap between your field teams and the efforts of demand generation, email marketing, targeted campaign efforts, & more.