November 18, 2022

MedScout Sales Rep of the Month - November 2022

Sales Reps are the core of who we are here at MedScout. Each month, we want to recognize one of these users for standout utilization of MedScout and sales performance at their respective company. 

We are excited to announce our November MedScout Rep of the Month: Dan Miller of Seno Medical Instruments! 

Dan Miller has been an active MedScout user since February 2022. Since his onboarding, Dan has utilized MedScout almost daily, resulting in over 3,000 new Physician and Center opportunities added to his Pipelines. 


This past week, we had a chance to catch up with Dan to learn more about his experience with MedScout.

How do you utilize MedScout?

“20% of the time I am looking at the individual doctors or facilities. I will drill down into the facilities to understand who is there. The other 80% of the time I am using it to identify potential customers.”

“We have huge territories, each with one third of the country, and I don’t know everyone - there’s a lot of people I don’t know. This is useful for identifying the big users.”

How has MedScout changed your day to day?

"It’s a different experience - I have had similar information previously, but not as up-to-date. This is also easier to identify key doctors."

How do you create your pipelines in MedScout?

"I started doing it geographically, but now I do it by IDN or by Facility to keep it easier for me. I bring both doctors and facilities over to Microsoft Dynamics."

How does the sync from MedScout to Microsoft Dynamics help?

"It is helpful because I don’t have to type as much in Dynamics. The sync functionality helps a lot!"

How do you celebrate big sales wins?

"I have three big priorities in my life: my family is #1, some live music would be #2, and anything surrounded in water would be #3. Being in Wisconsin, the water is only about 4 months out of the year, but I have a son in college in Florida so I’ll visit him in the winter."


The MedScout team wants to congratulate Dan again on being our November Rep of the Month! We built the platform for reps like Dan, and are grateful to have the opportunity  to work with him and the other team members at Seno Medical


Seno Medical Instruments, Inc. is a San Antonio, Texas-based medical imaging company formed to commercialize a new modality in cancer screening and diagnosis called opto-acoustic imaging ( Seno has been a MedScout client since September, 2021.