March 27, 2023

MedScout Sales Rep of the Month - March 2023

Sales Reps are the core of who we are here at MedScout. Each month, we want to recognize one of our users for standout utilization of MedScout and sales performance at their respective companies.

We are excited to announce our March MedScout Rep of the Month: Ryan Lapham of Tactile Medical!

Ryan Lapham has been an active MedScout user since March 2022. Just this month, Ryan has analyzed ~50 Physician referral tables to better understand the relationships in his territory.


This past week, we had a chance to catch up with Ryan to learn more about his experience with MedScout.

“Where are you located, and what territory do you cover?”

I am located in Massachusetts, and my territory is the Northeast.

“What tools have you used in the past to find new opportunities?”

Previously I used a different data provider, but there was no map, which was a huge downfall. I was also using data from a very cumbersome Excel spreadsheet that was, for lack of a better word, archaic. It would give us the decile ratings of doctors writing scripts. The higher the rating, the more they were writing.Then you’d have to go through 10-20 minutes of trying to filter down into your town or neighborhood, and it just wasn’t good.

“How does MedScout change that experience?”

 MedScout gives more of a story. One thing I typically do a lot is drilling down into doctor's profiles and really look at what they are writing scripts for. Then I’ll find what they are writing specifically for DME scripts and drugs, and what are the correlations between the two? I want to find the whole story, and that’s really easy to do with MedScout because it’s just a couple of clicks.

I also check on the Open Payment data. That will tell me if any of our competitors are in there, giving lunches or whatnot.

With the dataset including different pediatrics and doctors, it’s opened up the book. We can think out of the box on how to help these patients. Unfortunately, because of Covid, we’re seeing long wait times for Pulmonologists. So being able to identify these patients beforehand, before they get to the pulmonologist from primary care, it’s a win-win for everybody!

“How have you been able to use the Referrals in MedScout?”

Outbound referrals allow me to look at durable medical equipment providers and help me understand where they are getting their scripts. Going into a profile, I can already tell if they are using competitors. Knowing this gets me farther into that talking point before the referral source even knows I’m there. Having this background is huge.

“What is your favorite feature of MedScout?”

Being able to access the nuts and bolts of the information quickly. Who is writing, and where are they located with one click of the map.If I want to dig in more, I can do that with just a few clicks.

“How do you celebrate big sales wins?”

Celebrate for a second, but then it’s on to the next. You’re only as good as your next one!


The MedScout team wants to congratulate Ryan on being our March Rep of the Month! We built the platform for reps like Ryan and are grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and the other team members at Tactile Medical.


Tactile Medical is a leader in developing and marketing at-home therapies for people suffering from underserved, chronic conditions, including lymphedema, lipedema, chronic venous insufficiency, and chronic pulmonary disease, by helping them live better and care for themselves at home.

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