January 23, 2023

MedScout Sales Rep of the Month - January 2023

Sales Reps are the core of who we are here at MedScout. Each month, we want to recognize one of our users for standout utilization of MedScout and sales performance at their respective companies. 

We are excited to announce our January MedScout Rep of the Month: Evan D’Onofrio of Vasorum! 

Evan D’Onofrio has been an active MedScout user since August 2022. Since his onboarding, Evan has utilized the platform to identify the top Centers and Physicians in south Florida. This has resulted in Evan adding over 1,000 opportunities to more than 60 pipelines.



This past week, we had a chance to catch up with Evan to learn more about his experience with MedScout.

“How long have you been with Vasorum?”

It will be a year in February.

“Where are you located?”

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“How do you utilize MedScout?”

Before MedScout, for me to find new opportunities, I had to drive around for hours or ask people to connect me. Since MedScout has come, it’s been much easier because now all I have to do is simply type the name into the search bar and it pulls up everything I want to know about the person. It’s been helpful to have information like who they are affiliated with. I can lose myself in the platform. It has expanded me so much more to be able to do what I do a lot better and more efficiently. 

“How do you utilize pipelines in MedScout?”

A lot of Physicians are tied to multiple systems and multiple clinics. If I have a Physician who is tied to one hospital system, but there are six hospitals in that system, I will put them into their own Pipeline. For example, I will have a Physician tied to the Baptist hospital system and put them in a Pipeline for Boca-Baptist. That way, it prevents me from going to another Baptist hospital to find that Physician. By organizing my Pipelines that way, I can have every Physician that’s tied to that particular hospital in the Pipeline and go in better prepared.

“You are very active with the notes feature in MedScout – can you talk a bit about that?”

I use the notes to document what the volume is for that Physician. If I forget a Physician, I may end up going back to their profile three or four times. By putting in the notes, as soon as I open their page, it’s the top thing I see. It instantly clues me to remember “Oh, I’ve seen this guy and I’ve already looked through his profile and know where he is tied and how many cases he does”. It allows me to say Okay, move onto the next Physician because I have scoped it out before or let’s dive a little deeper because I already have something on them.

“What is your favorite feature of MedScout?”

My favorite part of the platform is being able to get a profile of everything I need to know. What I can find is great and where they're tied to, including stuff that I never knew they would be tied to, such as outpatient clinics. I work in a field where there's a lot of radiologists, and a radiologist will read for all these different groups. I can find in your system groups that they're tied to. If I've exhausted the hospitals, I can go to their reading group and knock down their door to find them. So it gives me different avenues to go out to find them.

“How do you celebrate big sales wins?”

Get giddy myself and then move onto the next one! I can be happy and then I have to start picking up for the next quarter.


The MedScout team wants to congratulate Evan on being our January Rep of the Month! We built the platform for reps like Evan and are grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and the other team members at Vasorum.


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