February 28, 2023

MedScout Sales Rep of the Month - February 2023

Sales Reps are the core of who we are here at MedScout. Each month, we want to recognize one of our users for standout utilization of MedScout and sales performance at their respective companies.

We are excited to announce our February MedScout Rep of the Month: Michael Sours of EndoGastric Solutions!  

Michael Sours has been an active MedScout user since January 2023. Since his onboarding, Michael has utilized the platform almost daily, adding almost 3,000 opportunities to Pipelines, and putting a primary focus on Referral activity within his territory.



This past week, we had a chance to catch up with Michael to learn more about his experience with MedScout.

“How long have you been with EndoGastric Solutions?”

Almost six years.

“Where are you located and what territory do you cover?”

I am located inChicago, Illinois and I cover the greater Chicago area.

“What tools have you used in the past to find new opportunities?”

It has changed exponentially in the past 24 months. A while ago, when I first started, it was just emails, cold calls, and the old horse-trading stuff that we would always have to do. Now that we have tools like MedScout, I feel like now I’m selling a program, not just a widget, which is truly what we’re doing. Having access to this information where we find out who their referrers are that they can go educate on the cool things they are doing for their patients, having that information is huge. Just that piece of the data – knowing where they are getting care from and where they are sent from – that’s huge.

“How have you been able to use the Referrals in MedScout?”

The referrals are validation that we know what we’re doing. When I go to one of my top Physicians and tell them “we have information that shows you where you get your patients and, maybe most importantly, where you don’t get patients from”, they look at us like we’re from the future! They say “How do you have this information? I went to my hospital for it and they can’t find it or it takes 5 different people in Marketing andMedical Records and I can never get it”

I have had two or three different specific instances where they needed something - not to buy my product or do my procedure - but they needed some information that would help them with their overall GERD or digestive health program, and I was able to support them in that need. Then, my ask for my program was answered much, much quicker than before when I helped them out with that project. But I also had an instance where a surgeon was leaving a hospital system. The competing surgeons within the same hospital that were then going to start doing the anti-reflux procedures, were all of a sudden much, much nicer to me when they knew that I had access to who that guy got all those reflux referrals from before.

 It makes them a lot more receptive to having a conversation on how to build a program the right way with TIF and every thing that we do. So just having that information has just made us that much more credible. I validated it with some of my top guys - I'm like “hey is this right?” And he says “yeah top 10 guys are right”, so it's good to have information that's validated that's correct because we know there's a lot of stuff out there that might not necessarily be the most accurate.

“How do you utilize pipelines in MedScout?”        

I am lucky because I have Andy Miller, my Clinical Sales Manager here in Chicago. Our plan is to cut down dead time, especially if we are in a Hospital waiting on a hiatal hernia repair. Now we know all these people in this Pipeline either send patients to this doctor or are seeing GERD overall. Do they need to know that this procedure is available and it’s safe, effective, and available? I will compliantly let them know to go find the closest Physicians in our Physician Finder on our website. Since my territory is a little larger, it’s more helpful to build those pipelines and see who is seeing these patients to let them know there is another option.

“Are you finding it easy to collaborate with Andy, your Clinical Sales Manager in MedScout?”

Yeah – everyPipeline I build I will tag him. I like that it’s easy to just tag him quickly.

“What is your favorite feature of MedScout?”

Inbound referrals – 100%. We have never really had that before. I know that this is turning into a must have for the industry. I haven’t even started messing around with the outbound referrals. Now I can find out who is sending out that I know sees a bunch of GERD who isn’t sending to my Physician.

“How do you celebrate big sales wins?”

These days it’s more about being happy and having some relief. It gives me the opportunity to relax a little bit to spend some time with the girls and not worry about closing something for a moment.


The MedScout team wants to congratulate Michael on being our February Rep of the Month! We built the platform for reps likeMichael and are grateful to have the opportunity to work with him and the other team members at EndoGastric Solutions.


EndoGastric Solutions provides innovative, minimally invasive solutions that address unmetneeds in gastrointestinal diseases. Our core focus has been on the significantand growing unmet need in the Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) space,where caregivers lacked a durable minimally invasive, non-pharmaceuticallong-term treatment option until our current EsophyX Z device using TIF 2.0procedure. GERD is one of the most common reasons why patients see primary careand/or GI physicians. Left untreated, GERD can develop into pain-inducing,potential life-threatening diseases. Our vision is to restore patients’ livesto life before they experienced GERD/Acid Reflux. Our employees are deeplycommitted to this primary objective and it shows in the key deliverablesachieved across all functional departments. We consistently highlight how ourwork impacts the lives of millions of patients suffering from GERD, and havecreated a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and open communication tomaximize our deliverables to caregivers focused on gastrointestinal diseases.

Learn more here: https://www.endogastricsolutions.com/