January 4, 2023

MedScout Sales Rep of the Month - December 2022


Sales Reps are the core of who we are here at MedScout. Each month, we want to recognize one of our users for standout utilization of MedScout and sales performance at their respective companies. 

 We are excited to announce our December MedScout Rep of the Month: Emily Petrus of Praxis Medical Devices! 

 Emily Petrus has been an active MedScout user since July2022. Since her onboarding, Emily has utilized the platform almost daily to enable both herself and Praxis’ distributors. This has resulted in Emily adding over 10,000 opportunities to Pipelines in MedScout, creating tremendous sales process efficiencies while growing the Praxis customer base. 


This past week, we had a chance to catch up with Emily to learn more about her experience with MedScout.

“How long have you been with Praxis?”

Just over 2 years. I started as an intern in September 2020 and transitioned to full time in January 2021.


“Where is your territory, and where are you located?”

I just moved to Seattle, WA about 3 months ago. Since then, I have started supporting opportunities for Praxis on the West Coast, with Northern California being my direct territory. Being a new rep in this territory with no current relationships, MedScout has been especially helpful in helping me identify the exact physicians I need to target based on procedural volumes and reimbursement amounts.  


“How do you utilize MedScout?”

Procedure volume and reimbursement are the main focus. I use MedScout to run reports to identify physicians in my territory and our sales reps’ territories, who are performing the most biopsy procedures and are getting high reimbursement for those procedures. I will add all qualified physicians to a Pipeline that I will use for myself or share with our reps so we can begin reaching out via email or call on when we’re in the field.


“How do you create your pipelines in MedScout?”

I will run a report for a selected territory using relevant CPT codes. For example, if I am planning a trip to San Francisco, I will draw out a territory around San Francisco and surrounding cities (anywhere within about a one-hour drive). I will then run a search for “All soft tissue biopsies” using all CPT codes on our reimbursement guide (thyroid, lymph nodes, lung etc.) to find physicians that are billing these codes. I will sort the search results from highest to lowest volume and add all physicians I find with high volume and high reimbursement to a pipeline. Any physician with high volume and high reimbursement is a qualified opportunity!

“How does MedScout enable your Distributors?”

I will ask our distributor sales reps for a certain city or area within their territory they are planning to target and then run a report for them and add all qualified physicians to a Pipeline. I will extract the Pipeline from MedScout to an Excel sheet that I will then share with the reps. With these Pipelines, they can identify the right doctors to call on or reach out. MedScout has also been helpful in identifying new call points for our sales reps.


“How did you find prospects before?”

Searching the internet and cold calling. With our product, there are various call points within one hospital and/or multiple groups of physicians doing these biopsy procedures. Before MedScout, it was alot of work running around different hospitals just to find the right group or physician performing the biopsy procedures. Usually when I am traveling, I only have a few days and half of my time was spent just trying to identify the right call point. MedScout has allowed me to become more efficient with my travel because now before I go into a hospital, I can run a search to find the right doctor or department I need to target.


“What is your favorite feature of MedScout?”

The emails! I have been able to get multiple in-person meetings set up with physicians by utilizing the emails provided onMedScout. When I travel, I prefer to have something formally arranged instead of just showing up.  


“How do you celebrate big sales wins?”

A nice dinner and drinks with friends or family!



The MedScout team wants to congratulate Emily on being our December Rep of the Month! We built the platform for reps like Emily and are grateful to have the opportunity to work with her and the other team members at Praxis Medical. 


Praxis Medical LLC is a medical device company headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida. The company was founded in 2018 by John Fisher MD, a practicing Interventional Radiologist who has spent 20 years of his career inventing and co-inventing minimally invasive medical devices.

Their team is committed to developing technology that directly addresses unmet clinical needs to improve the experiences of medical practitioners and their patients across the globe.

Learn more here https://www.praxismedicaldevices.com/.