October 31, 2022

MedScout: Leveraging Data to Target Customers and Optimize Sales Territories

In this podcast, MedScout co-founder and CEO Skylar Talley sits down with seasoned Med Tech veteran Patrick Kothe on his Podcast “Master Medical Device”. They cover a wide range of topics over 54 minutes. Check out the highlights ways to listen below.

Listen here:

Mastering Medical Device

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Episode Highlights

  • The MedScout founding story
  • Why inside sales is becoming more popular and other trends within Medical Device that were brought about by COVID-19
  • Leveraging distributor organizations
  • Why digital marketing should be moving higher on your radar
  • Using data to design territories and target ideal customers 
  • Some surprising things medical device companies don't do that are very common within other industries
  • Aligning the sales team targets
  • How sharing data to and with providers can lead to stronger relationships

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Mastering Medical Device Website: https://www.masteringmedicaldevice.com